Education is the Manifestation of perfection already present in Man. Development of all round personality is important aim of Education. To achieve this aim it is essential to develop in every Pupil a feeling of self – respect, self -confidence, self- reliance, discipline, obedience, love, sympathy and co-operation, logical judgement, rendering help to others, performance of duties, fulfilment of social responsibilities and earning a livelihood. Thus it can be said that Education may prove to be the most powerful weapon to change the world .It can also be said that Education is not only preparation of life for future but it is life itself.

Thus Education and youth needs to be handled carefully and with aim to build the future of the world. The dynasties of the fast- changing world urge the academicians to give the right impetus for making life-long learners out of the students. They should be committed to create responsible citizens who are the epitome of the highest ethics and social conduct. I am sure that we are fully equipped and motivated to handel the challenge and will be successful.

I welcome all the students, Faculty Members, Non-Teaching Staffs and all the members of Manipur University family who chose to be a part of this premier institution. I am sure that we together will successfully make Manipur University a world class institution

Prof.Adya Prasad Pandey
Manipur University