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Dr Th Rupachandra Singh

Designation: Assistant Professor

Specialization: Watermarking, Operating System, Computer Network, Object Oriented Programming, Data Structure


Email: rupachandrath [AT] manipuruniv.ac.in

MCA ( Manipur University), 



Website: http://manipuruniv.ac.in/faculty/113

Paper Published:

i. Irengbam Tilokchan Singh, Thounaojam Rupachandra Singh and Tejmani Sinam “Review on Challenges and Effect of Load Balancing using SDN”, 105th Indian Science Congress, March 16-20, 2018 held at Manipur University.

ii.   Manganleima Moirangthem, Thounaojam Rupachandra Singh and Tejmani Sinam “Essence of Intelligence in software testing automation”, 105th Indian Science Congress, March 16-20, 2018 held at Manipur University.

iii Th. Rupachandra Singh, Irengbam Tilokchan Singh and Tejmani Sinam  “Analysis of Skype and its Detection”, International Journal of Recent Technology and Engineering (IJRTE) , Vol. 5, Issue – 4, .September 2016, ISSN 2277 – 3878, pages 1 – 6.

iv.  Irengbam Tilokchan Singh,  Tejmani Sinam  and Th. Rupachandra Singh “VoIP Classification”, International Journal of Innovations in Engineering and Technology (IJIET) , Vol. 7, Issue – 2, .August 2016, ISSN 2319 – 1058, pages 426 – 433.

v. Th. Rupachandra Singh, Kh. Manglem Singh, Sudipta Roy,  “Video watermarking scheme based on visual cryptography and scene change detection” International Journal of electronics and Communications (AEU), 8/2013 Volume 67, (AEU) 67(2013)645-651.

vi. Th. Rupachandra Singh,  Kh. Manglem Singh, Sudipta Roy,  “Robust Video Watermarking Scheme Based on Visual Cryptography”, 2012 World Congress on Information and Communication Technologies, IEEE Xplore, 978-1-4673-4804-1©2012IEEE, pages 873-888.

vii. Th. Rupachandra Singh,   Kh. Manglem Singh, Sudipta Roy,  “Image Watermarking Scheme based on Visual Cryptography in Discrete Wavelet Transform” International Journal of Computer Applications (0975 – 8887) Volume 39 – No. 1, February 2012.

viii.  Kh. Manglem Singh, Th. Rupachandra Singh, O. Imocha Singh and T. Romen Singh “ A  Blind  Video Watermarking Scheme based on Scene Change Detection” Indo-US Conference & Workshop on CYBER SECURITY, CYBER CRIME & CYBER FORENSICS, August 19-21, 2009, Kochi, India.

ix.  T.Romen Singh,  O.Imocha Singh ,   Kh. Manglem Singh , Tejmani Sinam  and Th. Rupachandra SinghImage Enhancement by Adaptive Power-Law Transformations” Bahria University Journal of Information and Communication Technology Volume 3 Issue 1 (BUJICT 2010), ISSN 1999-4974.

x.   T.Romen Singh,  O.Imocha Singh ,   Kh. Manglem Singh , Tejmani Sinam  and Th. Rupachandra Singh “Image Magnification based on directed linear interpolation”, International Journal of Computer Sciences and Engineering Systems( IJCSES) China Vol. 3, No. 4. October, 2009, CSES International © 2009 ISSN 0973-4406.

xi. T.Romen Singh,  O.Imocha Singh ,   Kh. Manglem Singh , Tejmani Sinam  and Th. Rupachandra Singh “Image Magnification based on directed linear interpolation”, NCC 2009, IIT Guwahati.

Workshops/Schools/Conference Attended:

  1. Three day workshop on Data Analytics using R-Programming, held on 9-11 April 2018 jointly organised by E&ICT Academy, IIT Guwahati and Department of Computer Science, at CSD, Manipur University.
  2. Five day workshop on Foundation of Fuzzy Set and Fuzzy Logic with Applications, held on 21-25 November 2017, at NIT Manipur.
  3. Programme Committee member of International Conference on Data Security (INCODS), organized by Department of Information Technology, Kalasalingam University Dec 2017.
  4. National Conference on Innovations in Science and Technology 2017, (NCIST-17) held on 20-21 March 2017, at MIT Takyelpat (Technical Program Committee and Chairing of a session).
  5. Technical Committee member of “IEEE International Symposium on Advanced Computing and Communication 2015” at Department of Computer Science & Engineering, Assam University.
  6. Workshop on IPR held on 29th January, 2014 at NIELIT, Akampat, Manipur.
  7. 1st national Conference on RHEIT – 2013, held on 4-5 February, 2013 at Department of IT, Assam University.
  8. UGC Sponsored Two-Day workshop on cryptology, October 12-13, 2012 conducted by Department of Mathematics, Manipur University.
  9. One Day Workshop and Mini Colloqui on the Future of NANO electronics, April 30, 2012 held at NIT, Manipur.
  10. ISI-AU workshop on Intelligence Data Analysis: Theory and Applications, March 1-5. 2011 organised by CVPR Unit, ISI, Kolkata and Department of IT, Assam University.
  11. National Level instructional workshop of Cryptology, Imphal may 5-7, 2010 organised by Manipur University, Cryptology Research Society of India, Kolkata and Institute of Mathematical Sciences, Chennai.
  12. Workshop on North East region on Advances in Image and document Processing, March 16-20, 2010 organised by CVPR Unit, ISI, Kolkata and Rajiv Gandhi Indian Institute of Management, Shillong.
  13. Fifth National Conference on Communication (NCC2009) January 16-18, 2009 organised by IIT Guwahati and Joint Telematics groups of the IITs and IISc.
  14. ISI-MU Winter School on Data Mining and Computational Biology,  January 28-February 01, 2008 organised by Department of computer Science, Manipur University and MIU Unit, ISI, Kolkata.
  15. First International Conference on Pattern Recognition and machine Intelligence (PREMI’05), December 18022, 2005 held at ISI, Kolkata.
  16.  Second North East School on Computational Information Processing, at Kohima, Nagaland, March 17-20, 2004 organised by Kohima Science College, Jotsoma, Nagaland and Electronics and Communication Sciences Unit, ISI, Kolkata.
  17. Autumn School on Information Technology: Emerging Research Issues at Nirjuli, Itanagar, 22-26, September 2003 organised by NERIST, Itanagar and CVPR Unit, ISI, Kolkata.

Workshop organised:

  1. Coordinator for Three (3) days Workshop on e-Waste Management at Computer Science Department, Manipur University from 20th April, 2017 to 22nd April, 2017.