Photocopy of evaluated answer scripts which do not contain any information or signature of the examiner/ scrutinizer/Co-ordinator/Head Examiner may be obtained by an examinee concerned once only under RTI Act, 2005 for self-inspection on submission of application to the ,CP10 of the. University in prescribed format available in the University website and on payment of Rs. 500/- only per answer script provided that no application for photocopy of evaluated answer, scripts in Practical Papers, and non-credit papers shall be entertained by the University.


Application for photocopy of evaluated answer script (s) for the purpose of self-inspection is to be submitted within thirty days from the date of publication of result of the concerned examination.


It shall be the duty of the Principals of affiliated Colleges/Heads of Academic Departments of the University to forward all such applications together with the application money to the University in a consolidated manner and within the date as aforesaid.


Photocopy of evaluated answer script(s) will be handed over to the concerned examinee ordinarily after thirty days and within sixty days from the last date of submission of such application provided however that photocopy of evaluated answer script (s) which is/ are under re-scrutiny will be handed over to the concerned examinee for self-inspection only after publication of re-scrutiny result.


The examinees shall have to appear with original admit card for the concerned examination on the specific date and time as may be intimated by the University to take delivery of photocopy of evaluated answer scripts for self-inspection and to acknowledge receipt of the same.


The University shall not entertain, any claim for redressal of grievances of the concerned examinee after re-scrutiny of answer script/disclosure of answer scripts.


Application for photocopy of evaluated answer script (s) shall have to be submitted in the prescribed formats (format-I & format-II).